ISO 9001 Certified

Quality in Custom Tooling and Metal Stampings

At Team Manufacturing we are absolutely committed to quality. As evidence of this, we have recently achieved ISO 9001 certification in the production of custom tooling and metal stampings.  Why are we so excited about this?  Because it is key to helping us achieve our goal: nothing less than completely satisfying our customers by shipping defect free parts on time, every time. 

A Foundation of Quality

Our quality process is built upon a foundation of three key elements:  meeting world-class ISO 9001 standards as evidence of our commitment, adhering to a no-compromise quality management system, and striving always to exceed our customer's expectations.  Our ISO 9001 certification has also enabled us to improve our processes, which translates to key benefits to our customers:

  • Very competitive pricing due to reduced costs
  • Quick response, due to our reduced cycle time
  • Reliable and very timely deliveries, thanks to improved operational efficiencies

To learn more about the benefits that accrue to clients that work with ISO 9001 certified companies, go to ISO 9001 Benefits. For more information, visit the International Standards Organization (ISO) web site.

Key Features of Our Quality Process

  • Full ISO 9001 certification
  • Integrated quality system on the manufacturing floor
  • Full traceability of all materials and processes throughout all phases of the process
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) is utilized to drive down process variation
  • PPAP's provided to customers upon request
  • Detailed control plans guide our quality and manufacturing staff to the finish line: a defect free process

For questions on our team processes please call 310.639.0251, or email us.

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